Weekly Recap 6/04

Weekly Recap 6/04

Man, was it a week! Monday was Memorial Day and we spent the day with our families. After that - it was pretty much a blur 😂 we couldn’t even remember what day it was half the time! By Wednesday, we thought it was Friday. As new arrivals came in the store, they flew out of the store! We added 4 new Fourth Of July tees, a super comfy jumpsuit in 2 colors & some new denim! Plus of course, our new online only pieces. We are gearing up for market at the end of June & we are already planning for end of summer/back to school. Isn’t that crazy to think?! We have had SO many new customers this week. If you are new - WELCOME!! Welcome to the [as we like to say] SH*TSHOW! Nothing “too” exciting happened to us this week/weekend. We did go to church & hangout by the pool on Sunday (most of the time- Sundays are our only day off!) 

A simple message we received during this mornings service we feel compelled to share:

Be a light to those far away from Christ. God takes an ordinary person and uses them to share His message to people who need Him. Because let’s be honest, we can all benefit from having another person be a light unto us. We learn from one another and it’s during those times, where we can learn more about living for Him, from someone else that is shining their light on us. 

Here are a few simple ways you can be a light yo others this week…

    1.    Talk less, listen more and show empathy.
    2.    Be generous with praise and encouragement.
    3.    Smile often, including at strangers.
    4.    Look for the good in people and situations.

church of the king be the light

After church we had lunch and Easton’s first real pool day! He LOVED it! Bath time will definitely be boring now that he’s experienced an even bigger bath tub! 

9 month old baby in a pool

Erika also took a few pictures of our new Pom Pom Swim Cover ups that restocked! These are so light weight & comfy! Can also be dressed up with some denim shorts. Easily packs away for your next Vacay!

drinking a margarita poolsideWearing a leopard swim coveruppalm leaf swimsuit coverup



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